Hello Everybody,

Already we are at the end of the first month of 2015 and we have been having lovely rains, (although there was a fortnight here of very hot and dry weather).  The countryside is lush and green and if you like photographing typical summer landscapes, now is the time.  The evenings are lovely and long and you can fit in some photography after work.

We have had our first Club Evening for the year and we had over a hundred entries, wow!  However, there were a number of absent  members that evening, I hope those will be with us again soon. 

It has come to my notice that some members are investing in Lightroom for various reasons and I just want to inform you that apart from the workshop presented by Albert Froneman last year, I also have a number of videos available on using  Lightroom and if you would like copies bring me a flash stick with your name on and I will copy them for you.

I have already drawn up the Year Programme, (you all should have received it earlier this month) which is subject to change, depending on whether we can get a few guest speakers and there still might be some changes in the competition subjects, so hang in there if you weren't totally happy with the programme as it is.  We are also still in the process of rounding up some long distance judges, but we will keep you informed.

This last month we saw Coenie Van Vuuren promoted to 3 Star, congratulations Coenie.  He received 3 Acceptances at the Bosveld Salon, and 5 at the Tygerberg as well as 1 COM.  Lyda Van Vuuren also received 1 COM there and Willie Kruger received 8 Acceptances and 1 COM from the Krugersdorp Salon.  Well done!

Ian Odendaal has resigned from the club, I hope temporarily, due to his study load.  Good luck, Ian.

That is all for now, remember the competition for February is Monochrome, (no landscapes allowed but City Scapes allowed) and Conrad and Rickus are responsible for the tea.  The meeting will be held on 13 February, 6.30pm.

Regards to you all

PS Please note the change in the tea table, Willie Kruger in place of Ian Odendaal.



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